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  • Boy Scouts & Venturers
  • Family Camping
  • Adult Leader Fees & Ratios
  • Camper Deposits & Unit Hold-A-Place
  • Early Bird Discounts Explained
  • Camperships
  • Speedy Pre-Check-In Prior to Camp
  • Update Your Attendance Projections
  • Special Program Fees

  • Boy Scouts & Venturers    
      Camping Opportunity
    Standard Fee
    (per youth, per week)
    Early Bird Fee
    (paid in full by May 31)
      Troop Camping (all units, regardless of council)
      GNYC Unit On-Time Recharter Discount
    (available to GNYC units who recharter on-time)
      Provisional Camp
      Trail to Eagle Camp
      Youth Leader Training Camp
      Aquatics Camp
      Aviation Camp
      Film & TV Production Camp
      Treks (All Types. Optional canoeing/rafting requires an additional fee. See below.)

    Family Camping    
      Camping Opportunity
    Standard Fee
    Early Bird Fee
    (paid in full by May 31)
      Family Camping (Fee is Per Cabin / Per Family)
    Not Available
      Family Camp Leader Discount (available to scout leaders who spend one week at any GNYC camp with their unit during the current summer season)

    Adult Leader Fees & Ratios

    Adequate adult leadership is a critical factor in a unit's ability to succeed while at camp. Units are encouraged to come to camp with a number of adults that is proportional to the number of scouts they bring, and are expected to supervise. To that end, TMR does not charge for some of the adults a unit brings to camp. To see how many adults will qualify as "free," see the chart below.

    Adults not qualifying as "free" will be charged $200 per week.

    Number of Scouts
    # Free Adults
    Number of Scouts
    # Free Adults
    05 - 09
    30 - 34
    10 - 14
    35 - 39
    15 - 19
    40 - 44
    20 - 24
    45 - 49
    25 - 29
    50 - 54

    Camper Deposits & Unit Hold-A-Place

    A unit can make an initial reservation for "Unit Camping" by completing a Hold-A-Place for the camp/program they want to attend, and then submitting it to the Camping Services Department with a $200 deposit.

    To maintain this reservation, an individual deposit of $25 per projected camper is due by March 31. All deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable to another week during the current summer camp season.

      Download a copy of the Hold-A-Place Form
      Download a copy of the Camper Deposit Form

    Early Bird Discounts Explained

    As an incentive for units and families to pay for camp in advance, we offer an Early Bird fee for some programs. Camper reservations paid in full* by May 31 will receive a $30 discount per week.

    *If a camper has already been granted a campership, the Early Bird Discount will be taken into account when calculating the camper's full payment amount.

      Download a copy of the Early Bird Payment Form


    Camperships are reductions in the total cost of camp, offered to Greater New York Councils Scouts. Several diffferent types of camperships exist. The field service and camping services divisions work together to administer the GNYC campership program. There are also several other camperships sponsored by various groups that promote Scouting in NYC, and their information & application forms are published here on the Ten Mile River Website. To download a form, click on the icon near its name. NB: You must contact the sponsoring organization for each campership in order to answer any questions. Camping Services does not administer the process for awarding any camperships..

      Campership & Form Sponsor Contact
      GNYC Campership Greater New York Councils Borough Field Directors*
      Kohler (Queens Scouts) Jack Kohler Association
      Ranachqua (Bronx Scouts) Ranachqua Foundation

      *Field Directors can be reached at the Council Service Center at 212-242-1100.

    Speedy Pre-Check-In Prior to Camp

    Avoid the Lines! Avoid the Hassle! Speedy Check-In and Speedy Refunds! With the number of units and Scouts attending camp increasing each summer, the check-in process at camp has become more and more time consuming. Your first day at camp should be spent helping your Scouts settle into a smooth routine, not sitting in a crowded office trying to figure the outstanding balance of your camp fees and contacting parents about omissions on medical forms.

    If your check-in has always been speedy and smooth, then feel free to continue to check-in as you have in the past. But if, like many unit leaders, you feel worn out at the end of your check-in ordeal, please consider taking advantage of our new pre-registration opportunities.

    Come to the Council Service Center on the Tuesday prior to your unit's arrival at camp, and meet with a Camping Services Representative to complete your unit's check-in. Representatives will be available from 9:00 AM until 6:45 PM. At that time, you can:

    • Turn in your unitís roster and have your medical forms pre-screened for mistakes and missing information
    • Pay any remaining camp fees
    • Confirm your scouts' camperships, and resolve any discrepancies directly with your borough's professional staff.

    Attention Camp Ranachqua Units: Since most of our guests who attend Camp Ranachqua live in the Hudson Valley Region, which is much closer to Ten Mile River than the Council Service Center in midtown Manhattan, Camp Ranachqua Units may come directly to the Camp Ranachqua Office on the Thursday prior to the unit's arrival between 7:00 and 9:00 PM to pre-check-in as described above. Unit leaders are also welcome to come a bit earlier, and join the camp for dinner at 6:00 PM.

    If you do all of the above, and you arrive at camp with the same scouts and leaders as the roster, you will be able to avoid the check-in lines at the camp office. While you will still need to go through the medical recheck (and we are working to improve that procedure) it will be a much quicker process. If you've already submitted your medical forms, your buddy tags for the swim test will already be waiting for you.

    Whether you choose to do your check-in at the Council Service Center prior to camp, or at camp on the day of your arrival, you are encouraged to come with copies of all payment receipts, as well as campership approval forms. Doing so will greatly simplify the process, and help to quickly resolve any discrepancies.

    Update Your Attendance Projections

    Please help us to help you. On the Wednesday prior to your unit's arrival at camp, please complete this form indicating the updated number of Scouts and Leaders you will be bringing to camp. This will allow us to ensure that we have the correct number of tents, cots, etc. waiting in your campsite.

      Complete the Update Attendance Projection Form

    Special Program Fees

    The fees above are inclusive of all regular camp activities. There are, however, a few programs which carry an additional fee. Payment will be required in camp, at the time the activity takes place.

      Delaware River Trip (canoes or rafts)
    per person (Sun-Fri)
    per person (Sat)
      Delaware River Trip (kayaks)
    per person
      ATV Program
    see ATV page for details
      Shotgun Shooting
    $1 for 3 rounds
    excluding Merit Badge Participants
      Basketry Kits
    requires 2 baskets and a stool
    $20 approx
    required for Merit Badge
      Leatherwork Kit
    $15 approx
    required for Merit Badge
      Woodcarving Kit
    $10 approx
    required for Merit Badge
      Space Exploration Kit
    $13 approx
    required for Merit Badge
      Indian Lore Kit
    $12 approx
    required for Merit Badge

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