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Across TMR our archery program participants receive expert instruction in the art form that is Archery. The Range offers target shooting stations,  William Tell range, and a crew working under some of the most experienced leadership you will find anywhere in the country. Scouts will learn the history of archery, along with all the intricacies of maintaining, and shooting their own bow. Ranges are open to Scouts of all ages.

Merit Badges


Our staff guides Scouts to develop their shooting ability over the course of the week until they have met the qualification requirements. In addition, Scouts learn to make their own arrow and bowstring, the parts of the bow and arrow, different forms of archery and the history of the sport!

Camp-wide Programs:

  • Open Shoot: The Archery Staff hosts Open Shoot as an opportunity for all Scouts to come up and enjoy the sport of Archery! Anybody of any experience level is welcome to come on up and attend! Step up to the shooting line and let our staff help you develop your skills!
  • Camp-wide Games: The ever changing Archery Tournament gets bigger and better every year! Send your best shooters up to test their abilities and compete for your troop’s honor in our Camp-wide Games!
  • William Tell: The Camp Ranachqua Archery Range is proud to be able to offer this fun, challenging and competitive game to all free shoot attendees! Competitors shoot blunt-tipped arrows at targets downrange and the first one to hit it triggers a bucket of water to be dropped on their opponents head! Come test your Archery skills under some high pressure stakes!

Shooting Sports

By Summer Camp Program

TMR’s Rifle and Shotgun Ranges are the home to our comprehensive, safe and fun Shooting Sports Program. Scouts have the chance to learn the skills and techniques involved in responsibly handling and using any of our firearms. The staff offers expert instruction in two merit badges and also offers a host of open programs for anyone who wants to participate in this thrilling activity!

Be advised, regulations require us to impose an age requirement of 12 years of age in order to shoot at the Range. Furthermore, due to risk of physical injury due to recoil, the Area or Program Director may impose a more advanced age requirement in order to shoot the Shotgun. This will be left up to the discretion of the camp staff. Please see the Director for more information!

Merit Badges

Rifle Shooting

Shotgun Shooting

Camp-wide Programs:

  • Open Shoot: Offered every day from 4:00 to 5:00pm, open shoot is a chance for all scouts, ages 12 and up, to get some time and practice with our rifles on the range. Merit badge students have a chance to continue their qualifying attempts and those Scouts who aren’t taking the merit badge can get some hands on experience and practice! Please Note: Due to the cost of ammunition and clay pigeons, we are unable to offer Open Shoot for the Shotgun most weeks.
  • Leader’s Shoot: Calling all Leaders! Come down and compete in our Leader’s competition! The winner will be presented a prize at their week’s Closing Campfire! Competition is always fierce and the rules are a little different from our other competitions. See the Area Director for details!
  • Camp-wide Games: It’s the best each Troop has to offer up against one another! Test your abilities as a marksman in our legendary shooting competition!
Frogs in a Camp Nature Lodge


By Summer Camp Program

Scouts discover science and the natural world and ecological marvels at their fingertips. TMR is home to a tremendously diverse ecosystem, and the nature lodge staff helps Scouts to explore the world around them, and even beyond into the stars.

The camp nature lodge is proud to be able to offer one of the most comprehensive advancement programs anywhere in the world. The staff provides expert instruction in 17 different merit badges, Leave No Trace training, the World Conservation Award, the Hornaday Award, as well as several rank requirements. These are detailed below.

Merit Badges


Environmental Science

Bird Study

Plant Science


Mammal Study

Fish and Wildlife Management


Reptile and Amphibian Study

Space Exploration

Soil and Water Conservation





Insect Study


Wild Animal Identification:

Scouts will spend time with an experienced instructor learning the subtleties of wild animal identification based on different kinds of evidence found every day around camp.

Native Plant Identification:

Scouts will spend their time out in the woods learning the intricacies of different plant adaptations, identifying plants by these adaptations and learning what different plant species indicate about the local environment.

Poisonous Plant Identification:

Scouts will learn how to identify the poisonous plants found in the area. After that, all scouts will learn the proper treatment and first aid for exposure to these species.

Camp-Wide Programs

Conservation Projects:

Conservation projects are outstanding ideas for troops wanting to do a service project for the camp. See the Nature Director and Program Director for ideas.

Nature Hikes:

Nature Hikes are always available per request. They can be geared towards whatever field of study that your troop would like.

Astronomy Night Observations:

Come check out the outstanding star field above the field of TMR. Open to the entire camp. Astronomy program offers a unique perspective not found at many camps. Not only will attendees take a look at the science and origins of the stars and planets but they will receive a dramatic retelling of the Greek and Roman myths behind the star field.

Scout Skills

By Summer Camp Program

Where can you find: Rope Bridges, Pioneering Towers, Camp Gadgets, Maps, Compasses, Survival Shelters, and the highest concentration of fire pits in camp? Scout Skills! The Scoutcraft program offers the full spectrum of skills that every Scout needs. Offering merit badges and the widest array of extra-curricular programs in camp, Scout Skills has it all! Everything from a 5-Mile hike through three of the Ten Mile River Reservation’s beautiful camps, a 1-Mile Orienteering course that leads scouts through camp, an overnighter out of your campsite! Boasting an experienced and passionate staff, Scout Skills is armed and ready with miles of rope, dozens of Dutch ovens, and enough tent stakes to ensure that every scout makes the most of his stay in camp.

Merit Badges


First Aid



Wilderness Survival




Totin’ Chip—

This card, No. 34234, indicates that a Scout has demonstrated proper handling, care, and use of the pocketknife, ax, and saw.

Paul Bunyan Award—

This card, No. 34235, and corresponding patch recognize that a Scout has used woods tools skills to accomplish one of several beneficial projects.

Firem’n Chit—

This card, No. 34236, signifies that a Scout has read the fire use and safety section in the Scouts BSA Handbook and accepts responsibility for fire safety.

Camp-wide Games

Scout Skills runs a variety of Camp Wide Games from week to week. Whether it’s the Knot College, Stretcher Relay, Blindfolded Tent Setup, or the Fire-lighting race, you can expect to have a blast with us!


Camping merit badge scouts set up their own tents, Wilderness Survival merit badge scouts build their own shelters, and a great time is had by all.

Scouts Canoeing at a Waterfront


By Summer Camp Program

All aquatics programs at Ten Mile River feature a team of certified lifeguards providing instruction on Swimming and Boating activities as well as special programs through out the week.

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