Per the governor’s office announcing a roll back of Covid-19 related restrictions and guidelines previous standards can be found here –


This FAQ is to help units and parents understand what the team at Ten Mile River currently knows, the plans we have for our summer operation, our safety protocols to protect campers and staff,  and most of all to let you know that we are ready for a safe, exciting, and fun summer and an amazing return to TMR after a year away!

Last Updated 7/30/2021

We are ready for a great summer and the return of campers to Ten Mile River! After several productive work weekends with volunteers from Aquehonga, Keowa, Ranachqua, and Lakeside Family Camp, and the hard work of our dedicated rangers the camps of TMR are already coming together and looking great!

TMR hosted a well-attended National Camping School Training for Camp Staff Area Directors from various councils and camps this June 5-11 and now we cannot wait to see you at camp this summer!

We would like to inform you that the merit badge registration is once again live.

If you have multiple Scouts taking the same badge it is recommended that they register for the same class time. This will allow them to have a buddy and will assist us in maintaining social distancing best practices.

 Please review and if you have other questions or concerns reach out to


What will the Program Schedule of my camp look like?

With the announced repeal of restrictions by the Governor, at this time we are confident that we will be able to operate our traditional and previously advertised daily program and merit badge schedule. Merit Badge Registration has resumed as of 6/22 – units may now register new participants and adjust their daily course schedules.

You may notice that our schedule or courses may have limited modifications to accommodate for COVID Safety best practices. These modifications may include class size limits to allow for social distancing as needed or alterations to camp-wide programs to allow for an increased distance between participants from separate units/campsites.


What steps will camp take to minimize risk of transmission with this daily schedule?

Given the way in which many of our courses are instructed- outdoors as seminar or activity-based program- TMR will place increased emphasis on:

  • Appropriate social distancing
  • Sanitization of shared materials and surfaces
  • Class attendance logs and camp visitor logs for contact tracing
  • Cleaning and sanitization logs
  • Upon arrival to camp and participants will be screened utilizing this BSA form as well as having their temperature checked. This will be done in addition to the medical form re-check process
  • If your unit is registering Scouts for the same Merit Badge it is encouraged that you send them to the same course session so that they have a buddy from their unit/campsite

The Ten Mile River team is confident that we can provide a safe and healthy outdoor program this summer with a program that is familiar to our units, Scouts, and families.


When can I access the merit badge registration system?

Merit Badges are now open for registration – please review and verify your existing sign-ups.


Will I need to bring a Mask to camp?

Be Prepared by bringing a mask to camp. Masks will be needed for all participants while indoors at TMR.

Due to the latest trends in transmission rates (7/30/21) – All participants will be required to wear a mask when indoors. All individuals including Scouts, Staff, Leaders, and Parents will be required to wear a mask when indoors while at Ten Mile River. This policy is based upon the guidance of the CDC. This includes offices, indoor classrooms, leader lounges, and, when not eating or drinking, dining halls. This policy will apply to all individuals regardless of vaccination status.

TMR has made every attempt to facilitate classes and programs in outdoor education spaces . We’ve created additional  covered spaces for foul weather by using pavilions, carports, and tarps.


Is a Vaccine or negative test result still Required for admission to camp?

The state guidelines no longer require testing or vaccines for participants. Ten Mile River will still have a COVID screening and temperature checkpoint for cars before admission into camp. 

Prior to arrival all participants should review and answer these screener questions- Pre-departure Screening

As always participants will be required to come with the BSA medical form parts ABC and, as was required in 2019 the Sullivan county mandated MMR verification.

Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist


Will we be maintaining Stable Groups (cohorts) as previously described in the safety guidelines?

No, however Ten Mile River will be providing wristbands to help staff, leaders, and Scouts visibly identify participants by unit/campsite. We will be maintaining safe social distancing between Scouts from separate units in order to mitigate any possible risk.

Campers and leaders will be given unique colored bracelets by campsite to allow to identify themselves to others and help take steps of their own to maintain healthy distance when attending courses or collaborating throughout the week.

At our dining hall camps units/campsites will sit together at tables. Scouts and leaders should maintain the same seat or table for each meal.


Will my unit be able to do an offsite trip with Landers River Trips?

Yes, units will be able to use our third-party program providers. We will continue to keep a rigorous sign-in and sign-out log for safety and contact tracing purposes.


What is the Councils Refund Policy?

(per Ten Mile River’s Leaders Guide)
Under certain circumstances, a camper or leader’s fee may be refunded, either in whole or
in part. Refund checks will be written to units and not to individual families, except for campers who attend specialty camps or provisional camp.
Full Refund (Less Initial $45 per-Camper Deposit)
The complete balance of a camper’s fee (less initial deposit) or leader’s fee may be refunded
at any time up to and including the unit’s arrival at camp for the following reasons (if accompanied by appropriate documentation):
• Medical issue regarding the camper or leader
• Death in family
• Summer School (by June 30th) – This does not include educational programs, e.g., science

Partial Refunds

For reasons other than the above, partial refunds may be made to the unit/individual, if
requested by June 15th. We retain $150 of the full-week payment in addition to the nonrefundable $45 deposit ($195 total) to cover expenditures that are made before camp, including the hiring of the seasonal staff and the food service contractor and the purchase of program-related items, based on projected attendance. Requests for the current summer camp
year must be submitted by the end of camp week 6; after that date, refunds will be rolled
over to the following year.

Requests for refunds must be made in writing in order to be considered. Please submit
requests to Greater New York Councils, BSA, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 600, New York, NY
10115, Attn. Camping Services or by email to with any pertinent supporting documentation. Requests are also subject to approval by the unit leader.

No-Show Forfeiture

For any Scouts or leaders who are “no-shows” at camp, the entire camp fee will be forfeited
unless there is supporting documentation that aligns with the “Full Refund” policy above.
This is unfortunate, but by this time, the camp will have incurred many expenses based on
the expectation of the Scout’s or leader’s attendance. We ask that you understand that planning is as important to us as it is to you.