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Our online registration system is called Blackpug
the website url you will see is

If you have not yet started your registration,
you can do so here: Keowa Registration

Your Registration

You can create a registration without creating an account in Blackpug. If you don’t have an account, simply use the registration access link that was sent to you via Blackpug when you registered. If you need this link, just ask us for another one.

Or, you can create an account and log back in to to see your registration:

You eventually will need to complete your registration. Doing this correctly will ensure a smooth check-in for you. Below are some tips on that.

Parent Portal

This would allow you to have parents:
-pay for their scouts
-select their scout’s merit badges.
You can set it to do neither, one of those, or both. The parent portal is off by default.


Please reach out and let us help!

Once you arrive at camp, units on the fast track will be able to immediately sign in to see the next available check-in officer. Non-fast track units will first have to visit our scoutmaster lounge to fix their roster issues with our staff.

To make sure your online registration is perfect, do the following before you arrive:

  • Balance paid in full
  • All participants on Blackpug have all required information inputted (the “Update Information” button should be white not RED.)

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