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Become a part of the legacy.

Join the thousands campers before you who have been proud to call themselves a RAT.

This is Keowa’s home troop made up of Scouts from all over who need another week (or two or three) of camp! We provide the leadership and have our own Scoutmasters – we just need you!

If you already came to camp, and stay with the Ramapo Adventure Troop for your second week to attend one of our Specialty Camps, you will receive a discount $$$ off the price. Check the fees page for the most current promotion.

The Ramapos were an Indigenous People’s tribe that took in folks from all over, including many ethnicities and races other than their own. Just as the RATs Troop are made up from folks all over — this is how the TMR provisional unit was named. It got its start in Kunatah, a TMR camp no longer in operation.