What are the Ten Mile River Scout Camps?

Ten Mile River Scout Camps is a 12,000-acre Scout Reservation that is home to three traditional Scout summer camps and one Family Camp. TMR is operated year-round, but the pinnacle of its programming happens during the months of July and August when all the camps are in full swing. Click here to download our 2023 Camp Guide…

Where is TMR located?

TMR is located in the Sullivan County Catskills in New York State, near Monticello and Narrowsburg. It is about a two-hour drive from the George Washington Bridge.

What are the dates of operation?

The TMR Summer Camps are open from the end of June until the end of August. For the exact dates of operation, and the specific programs operating each week, visit the council calendar. The Property is in operation year round for camping reservations.

What are the different camps at TMR?

As indicated above, TMR is home to three traditional Scout Summer Camps: Camp Aquehonga, Camp Keowa and Camp Ranachqua. TMR is also home to Family Camp. All of the Scout Camps offer the typical Scout program areas, such as Archery, Rifle Shooting, Field Sports, Swimming, Flatwater Canoeing, Small Boat Sailing, Kayaking, Nature Center/trail, Scout Skills and more. Our family operation offers many of the same program features for their campers in addition to family social events and the flexibility for a family to add their own program ideas.

What is unique about TMR?

As you can see from the list of programs above, TMR offers a menu of programs similar to most Scout camps, but there are many things that make TMR the most exciting adventure for Scouts and Venturers in the Northeast. Although our camps are each independent operations with their own Camp Director and staff, they benefit from sharing each others’ program highlights (i.e., COPE course, climbing towers, rock climbing facilities, motorboating, ATVs, and horseback riding) In addition, all camps operate under the umbrella of one Central Commissary, Trading Post system, Facilities Director, etc. These centralized operations all work together to deliver a great summer camp experience for the Scouts and Leaders who visit our camps each year.

In addition, each camp has a very special feature of its own. Read on to find out more about these special features.

What are these “camp-specific” special features?

Camp Aquehonga is our patrol cooking camp and home to a COPE Course. Aquehonga is also the only camp on the Reservation with an olympic-sized swimming pool, water slide, and lake. Top of the line and newly renovated scoutcraft, nature center, and sports field.

Camp Keowa, a dining hall camp is the largest camp on the reservation. Located on Crystal Lake the camp features motorboating and water-skiing. Keowa also hosts a COPE course that overlooks the lake.

Camp Ranachqua is a dining hall camp that offers the reservation’s most diverse Merit Badge schedule. The rustic campus is set the deepest into the woods facilitating an old-school and traditional Scout Camp experience.

Lakeside – (Family Camp) has more than twenty cabins that accommodate four people each. Family Camp has delivered a terrific family program under the leadership of the same camp director for over twenty years!

What is patrol cooking?

Patrol cooking scouts receive fresh ingredients and directions at the start of each mealtime as well as all cooking essentials. They go back to their sites and with the guidance of their leaders and patrol they cook, clean and develop essential cooking management skills. This allows for more time for campsite and troop development. Camp Aquehonga offers patrol cooking for either 3 meals a day or 2 meals patrol and 1 meal pre cooked (heater stacks).

What are the special programs offered at TMR?

For full details on these programs, visit the Specialty Camps and High Adventure Trek home pages.

What about accidents and emergencies in camp?

TMR has an excellent first aid system in place. In fact, each camp has their own medical personnel and each of these medical personnel report to our Reservation Medical Director who ensures that all camps are operating with Health and Safety as the number one priority. In the event of an accident and/or emergency, all the local authorities including the hospital are accessible and ready to handle our needs.

For full details on the Health Services available at camp, visit the Health Services page.

How much does it cost to attend TMR?

With all the program and facilities features of a reservation as large as Ten Mile River, it is still one of the most reasonably-priced Boy Scout Camps in the Northeast.

Visit the Camp Fees page for current rates and full details.

Do you have any incentive programs?

Yes. The Camping Committee of the Greater New York Councils has authorized an Early Bird Discount off the cost of certain programs, for scouts who are paid in full by a specified date. In addition, several various campership (camper//scholarship) opportunities are available to scouts who qualify.

Visit the Camp Fees page for full details on the Early-Bird Discount and Camperships

What is included in the camp fee?

Almost everything. TMR’s philosophy does not include “nickel-and-diming” its guests with additional fees that are not covered by the standard camp fee. All meals, program*, sleeping facilities and insurance are included. It is very common for a scout’s only money spent during the week to be on snacks from the Trading Post. Transportation (to and from camp) and camp store (Trading Post) items are additional.

*Some special programs have a nominal fee not included in the basic camper fee. An example of this would be Delaware River Canoeing or the purchase of a merit badge book in the camp store. For further details, visit the Camp Fees page.

What is the Camp Store?

The store, or “Trading Post” as it is widely known, is the place to purchase snacks, drinks, souvenirs, program supplies, and any of the incidentals your may have left at home like toothpaste. Each camp has a fully-stocked trading post that is open throughout the day, and is regularly re-stocked.

What should be brought to camp?

Campers will need to bring a variety of items from a sleeping bag and clothes to a medical form and toothpaste. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a suggested list of items for campers and units to bring to camp.

Items Campers Should Bring to Camp | Items Units Should Bring to Camp

What is this “Medical Form?”

All campers (youth and adults) must have a completed GNYC Medical Form that has been signed by a physician within the last twelve months. This is a requirement of both the Boy Scouts of America and the New York State Health Department.

For more information on how to complete the Medical Form, and to download a copy of the form, visit the TMR Health Services page.

How do we sign up our unit for camp?

We are excited that you’re interested in participating in the adventure of our Ten Mile River Scout Camps. You can call the Greater New York Councils Camping Services Division, or contact your District Camping or Professional Representative for complete details.

A unit can make an initial reservation for “Unit Camping” by completing a Hold-A-Place for the camp/program they want to attend, and then submitting it to the Camping Services Department with a $200 deposit. Contact information for the Camping Services Staff can be found on the Contact Us page. To maintain this reservation, an individual deposit of $60 per projected camper is due by March 31. For full details on all camp fees and payment policies, visit the Camp Fees page. Click here to download our 2023 Camp Guide…