Arriving to camp on Sunday:

On your way into our camp via the primary entrance you will find our welcome station. A member of our staff will be serving as a greeter to welcome you into camp, to assist in contactless temperature checks, and to ask all those arriving a brief screening questionnaire. It is important that all participants and drivers consider these questions prior to their departure. The greeters and site guides at our entrances are one of the many processes we will be using this year as we work to ensure a safe environment at camp.
  • Welcome Pavilion we will welcome you and take temperatures of everyone in each car and screen your car before you move on

  • Your site guide will guide you to your site with your gear while ONE leader responsible for finances and check in will proceed to the office

  • While leader is doing financial check in, unit needs to be getting swimwear on and gathering medical forms to prepare for medical recheck and dock test.

  • After financial check in is through, the unit will be given a medical check in time to arrive. That time is important as we try to space everyone out and when a unit misses their time slot it backs everything up.

  • After medical recheck, the unit will move to the dock tests at the pool.

  • Once swim check is complete the unit will head to the trading post, the commissary and the quartermaster. After those stops they will go back to site to change and set up their home for the week

  • Site guides will be around to help with concerns, to guide you through the process and if new scouts would like a tour, they will be able to give a tour upon request.

  • Flags will be at 5:45pm and dinner will be served afterwards

  • After dinner, the leaders will have a leader’s meeting at 6:45pm and the scouts will stay on the parade field and have a presentation at the pool.

  • Campfire will happen around 8:15pm