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Across TMR our archery program participants receive expert instruction in the art form that is Archery. The Range offers target shooting stations,  William Tell range, and a crew working under some of the most experienced leadership you will find anywhere in the country. Scouts will learn the history of archery, along with all the intricacies of maintaining, and shooting their own bow. Ranges are open to Scouts of all ages.

Merit Badges


Our staff guides Scouts to develop their shooting ability over the course of the week until they have met the qualification requirements. In addition, Scouts learn to make their own arrow and bowstring, the parts of the bow and arrow, different forms of archery and the history of the sport!

Camp-wide Programs:

  • Open Shoot: The Archery Staff hosts Open Shoot as an opportunity for all Scouts to come up and enjoy the sport of Archery! Anybody of any experience level is welcome to come on up and attend! Step up to the shooting line and let our staff help you develop your skills!
  • Camp-wide Games: The ever changing Archery Tournament gets bigger and better every year! Send your best shooters up to test their abilities and compete for your troop’s honor in our Camp-wide Games!
  • William Tell: The Camp Ranachqua Archery Range is proud to be able to offer this fun, challenging and competitive game to all free shoot attendees! Competitors shoot blunt-tipped arrows at targets downrange and the first one to hit it triggers a bucket of water to be dropped on their opponents head! Come test your Archery skills under some high pressure stakes!