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Scouts discover science and the natural world and ecological marvels at their fingertips. TMR is home to a tremendously diverse ecosystem, and the nature lodge staff helps Scouts to explore the world around them, and even beyond into the stars.

The camp nature lodge is proud to be able to offer one of the most comprehensive advancement programs anywhere in the world. The staff provides expert instruction in 17 different merit badges, Leave No Trace training, the World Conservation Award, the Hornaday Award, as well as several rank requirements. These are detailed below.

Merit Badges


Environmental Science

Bird Study

Plant Science


Mammal Study

Fish and Wildlife Management


Reptile and Amphibian Study

Space Exploration

Soil and Water Conservation





Insect Study


Wild Animal Identification:

Scouts will spend time with an experienced instructor learning the subtleties of wild animal identification based on different kinds of evidence found every day around camp.

Native Plant Identification:

Scouts will spend their time out in the woods learning the intricacies of different plant adaptations, identifying plants by these adaptations and learning what different plant species indicate about the local environment.

Poisonous Plant Identification:

Scouts will learn how to identify the poisonous plants found in the area. After that, all scouts will learn the proper treatment and first aid for exposure to these species.

Camp-Wide Programs

Conservation Projects:

Conservation projects are outstanding ideas for troops wanting to do a service project for the camp. See the Nature Director and Program Director for ideas.

Nature Hikes:

Nature Hikes are always available per request. They can be geared towards whatever field of study that your troop would like.

Astronomy Night Observations:

Come check out the outstanding star field above the field of TMR. Open to the entire camp. Astronomy program offers a unique perspective not found at many camps. Not only will attendees take a look at the science and origins of the stars and planets but they will receive a dramatic retelling of the Greek and Roman myths behind the star field.