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Best week ever.

Let us help you make sure your week at camp is the best week ever for your scouts. If you have any questions at any time, please contact Scott Dellosso, the camp director.

How to obtain Fast Track status.

Once you arrive at camp, units on the fast track will be able to immediately sign in to see the next available check-in officer. Non-fast track units will first have to visit our scoutmaster lounge to fix their roster issues with our staff. 

  • All participants (including adults attending only part of the week) must be listed on the participant roster in Blackpug, our online camp registration system.
  • All participants who are listed on the Blackpug roster must actually be attending for some duration of the week. (Cancelled participants must already be deleted).
  • Balance owed must be paid in full prior to arrival at camp.
Food Service

Our food service is provided by the experts and fantastic team of Aramark employees.

Universally agreed upon as some of the best food among summer camps, we offer a great menu, additional options on our salad bar, and PB+J for picky eaters.

We can handle any type of dietary need except for Kosher. Be sure to note your needs on each scout’s individual registration.

Check out our menu here.

Participant Types
When you add participants on Blackpug (our online registration system), be sure to add the correct participant type.

  • Scouts BSA Youth/Adult
  • Eagle Camp Youth 
  • Trek Youth
  • Trek Adult (free)
  • Scuba Youth/Adult
  • Specialty Camp Youth
Please note: NY State and Sullivan County require us to collect and retain the original medical. If you wish to have a copy, please make one prior to arrival.
You must use the complete TMR Medical, which has addendums in addition to the BSA Medical.
No other medical forms, such as those for high school sports, are allowed. 
Swim Checks
Keowa supports and encourages troops to pre-test their participants for the BSA swimmer’s test prior to camp.

Find a qualified person to conduct the test, such as a BSA or Red Cross certified lifeguard. Have them attach their certification card to the Unit Swim Classification Record.

Keowa Sunday Check-in


Units are encouraged to arrive early, but not before 10:00 am, to begin campsite setup.

Check-in will begin at 11:00am. Please send your financial person to the office. They will get your unit checked in financially, get your bracelets, and your assigned medical recheck time.

Meanwhile, your scouts and other adults will be assigned a site guide…

Troop Check-in Process

Site Guide
When you arrive at Keowa, you will find your unit’s assigned site guide at the carport located by the parking lot. This site guide will help your unit throughout the check-in process. At this time, the leader in charge of financial check-in should report to the office.

If your unit is new to Keowa, the rest of the unit will then be taken on a short tour of camp. Then your Scouts will be taken to your campsite.

If your unit is early and has your assigned medical check-in time soon, your scouts will simply change into bathing suits and bring all medicals (and medicine for those under 18) to medical check in at the dining hall. If your check-in time is later, you may choose to spend a little more time unpacking and setting up camp.

Your unit is allowed to have one car at a time transfer gear to your campsite. If you have a trailer, you may leave it in your campsite, but all cars must be returned to one of the parking lots, next to the main office or in Rondack.

Open Field Sports area
Before or after your assigned medical recheck time, if at any point your Scouts are looking for something fun, our Field Sports area is open all day. Scouts can play basketball or gaga ball with new friends, take advantage of the obstacle course, volleyball, kan jam, or a game of frisbee on the field.

Medical Recheck
Each unit is assigned a Medical Recheck  time during the Financial Check-in process.
Please have medicals ready for all participants. (If you want to be really great, get a Scout to put them in alphabetical order for you). We would appreciate it!
Scouts will be called to speak briefly with a health officer to go over their medical and take their temperature. If you or your Scouts have any special dietary needs this is where they will be communicated to our excellent kitchen staff.
After completing medical recheck, units will receive dining hall orientation.

Swim Tests
After dining hall orientation, some of your unit will proceed on to take their swim tests — if they plan on using the waterfront during their stay. Important Note: Only Scouts who are taking waterfront merit badges or those who plan on participating in waterfront activities (like free swim) need to be swim tested. If you or your Scouts are not planning on using the waterfront, there is no need for them to go there for a swim test. We also encourage all units to swim test before camp if possible.

Financial Check-in Process

For financial check-in, you should send the adult representative who intends to perform the financial portion of your unit’s check-in to the the office when you arrive, but not before 11am. They will be greeted by a staff member who will confirm the unit’s status as a Fast Track unit or non-Fast Track unit.

Non-Fast track units will head over to the Scoutmaster Lounge with a staff member to help fix the roster issues. Fast track units will see a check in officer who will confirm the roster and payment. They will receive a bracelet for each participant, which must be worn at all times.

On the way out, the office manager will give the troop’s medical recheck time.

Now to meet back up with the rest of your unit! (You think to yourself, that was pretty easy!)

Program Check-in

While your troop is in the dining hall for medical recheck, the unit leader and SPL will have an opportunity to meet with our Program Director to learn about and schedule participation in available bookable programs taking place throughout the week.

Please check out Bookable Programs to learn about and even book yours ahead of time. You are allowed to book up to three slots before camp, so feel free to include your scouts in the options!

Sunday Night Marshmallows

After dinner, some members of our camp staff will come to your campsite to get to know your Scouts, have a good time, and give YOU more time to get your site up and running. The opening campfire will now occur on Monday evening, giving your unit time to get to know the staff better and give you more time on Sunday to properly set up.


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