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We can book three slots for each unit prior to camp. These programs can also be booked upon arrival.


See “Downloads” section below to download a full PDF schedule.


Program Description Max.
or Climbing
Climbing, zip-line, and other high COPE elements.
Must be 13+ and wear long pants.
Low COPE Sign up for an incredible team building experience with our fantastic staff for this totally underrated program. 18
Mountain Bikes Plan a short trip out to Eagle Rock overlooking the lake or out to the Tower of Friendship at Lakeside. Or plan a long trip and take the Schiff Trail to another camp! Schedule with the program director.
Two adults 21+ required.
Motorboat Tubing Nothing is more exciting than a motorboat pulling you along on a tube at 30 miles an hour. Except doing it on Crystal Lake.
Must be a BSA Swimmer. Must have exactly 4, 5, or 6 people.
Troop Shoot – Rifle Must be 12+ years old. It is possible you may be with another troop. 25
Troop Shoot – Shotgun Must be 13+ years old. It is possible you may be with another troop. $1 for 2 shots. 25
Troop Shoot – Archery All Scouts BSA youth or adults may participate in archery. 16
All programs are available Monday-Friday at 4pm and 7pm.

Ten Mile River

Program Description Availability Location
ATV Riding Cost: $30 per person.

First learn the safety and handling of an ATV, then go trail riding.
*Must be 15+ years old and wear long pants.
*Must complete ATV Safety Institute e-course.

9-12 OR
ATV Outpost
Indian Cliffs Our 50′ natural rock face offers incredible rappelling. Overlooking the Delaware River, it’s an experience not to be missed! Mon-Fri
9-12 OR
Camp Kunatah
TMR Museum There is lots to do and see at the TMR Museum. Consider a lunch or dinner BBQ. All scouts earn a free TMR Museum patch. Rolling Hours TMR Headquarters
Units must provide transportation to these outposts.

Other Excursions

Program Description Cost Information
Lander’s River Trips Whitewater on the Delaware River in canoes, kayaks, or rafts. $34 Must be a swimmer. Available Friday.
Rolling Stone Ranch Spend the day learning to ride and care for a horse, and earn Horsemanship Merit Badge! Reach out Unit books directly with ranch. Please navigate to