Arriving to camp on Sunday:

On your way into our camp via the primary entrance you will find our welcome station. A member of our staff will be serving as a greeter to welcome you into camp, to assist in contactless temperature checks, and to ask all those arriving a brief screening questionnaire. It is important that all participants and drivers consider these questions prior to their departure. The greeters and site guides at our entrances are one of the many processes we will be using this year as we work to ensure a safe environment at camp.

Preparing for Camp Ranachqua 2021

Pre-Camp Planning

  • Have the BSA medical form parts ABC and the MMR verification sheet completed.
    • TMR Medical form Link:

  • Troops should try to put scouts taking the same merit badge into the same class.
  • Scouts should be encouraged to bring their own equipment, to limit sharing with others (example: their own fishing pole and fishing gear)
  • Scouts and Adult Leaders should bring masks with them to camp. 
  • It is strongly recommended that unvaccinated people prior to attending camp limit their travel.
  • Camp Ranachqua will contact troop leadership the week prior to attending class.  
  • Troop leadership will be given their assigned time for the troop to arrive.  
  • We will attempt to answer all questions and gather any information to make your stay more safe and enjoyable.   

Camp Check-In Process

  • We highly recommend that troops arrive at their designated time to ensure the safest check in process possible.
  • We highly recommend that you limit the number of travellers that come up with scouts to Ten Mile River’s Camp Ranachqua.   
  • Prior to accessing the parking lot at Camp Ranachqua you will meet Ranachqua staff members to start the Covid-19 screening process. 
  • The Ranachqua staff will also perform temperature checks on everyone in the vehicle.
  • All campers and adult leaders will be asked the questions on our brief Covid screening questionnaire. 
  • To expedite the process, campers and adult leaders prior to departing for camp can complete the Covid-19 questionnaire.
  • The Covid-19 questionnaire will be  turned in to the Ranachqua staff on arrival (add name and troop number to form).  
  • Driver contact info will be recorded for contact tracing purposes.
  • Parents will drop off their scout(s) and their belongings in the Camp Ranachqua parking lot.
  • To limit visitors in camp we ask that anyone not staying with the troop leaves once they drop off their scout and their belongings.  
  • Scouts and Adult leaders belongings from the same troop will be placed together in the field across from the parking lot.
  • Scouts and Adult Leaders will proceed to the yellow tent on the parade field to start the medical check-in process.
  • The Ranachqua Camp Staff will help troops bring belongings and equipment to their campsites.



  • Troops may bring their own tents to stay if they prefer.
  • Scouts may share tents but must sleep head to toe.
  • Scouts and Adult Leaders will have to complete Covid daily screenings and temperature checks. 


  • Scouts and leaders need to wear their color wristband during their stay.
  • These wristbands will allow scouts and adult leaders from different campsites to socially distance from each other at classes and meals.
  •  As much as possible, classes, other activities, etc… will be outside
  • Troops will have the option to have all meals outdoors.
  • All equipment will be sanitized in between use.
  • All bathrooms will be cleaned regularly and this will be logged.
  • People entering program areas will need to sign-in for contact tracing and sanitize hands.
  • Any person that shows Covid symptoms will need to report to the health lodge immediately.
  • Camp Ranachqua has a quarantine trailer for any person to stay in who is showing symptoms of Covid-19.