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Where can you find: Rope Bridges, Pioneering Towers, Camp Gadgets, Maps, Compasses, Survival Shelters, and the highest concentration of fire pits in camp? Scout Skills! The Scoutcraft program offers the full spectrum of skills that every Scout needs. Offering merit badges and the widest array of extra-curricular programs in camp, Scout Skills has it all! Everything from a 5-Mile hike through three of the Ten Mile River Reservation’s beautiful camps, a 1-Mile Orienteering course that leads scouts through camp, an overnighter out of your campsite! Boasting an experienced and passionate staff, Scout Skills is armed and ready with miles of rope, dozens of Dutch ovens, and enough tent stakes to ensure that every scout makes the most of his stay in camp.

Merit Badges


First Aid



Wilderness Survival




Totin’ Chip—

This card, No. 34234, indicates that a Scout has demonstrated proper handling, care, and use of the pocketknife, ax, and saw.

Paul Bunyan Award—

This card, No. 34235, and corresponding patch recognize that a Scout has used woods tools skills to accomplish one of several beneficial projects.

Firem’n Chit—

This card, No. 34236, signifies that a Scout has read the fire use and safety section in the Scouts BSA Handbook and accepts responsibility for fire safety.

Camp-wide Games

Scout Skills runs a variety of Camp Wide Games from week to week. Whether it’s the Knot College, Stretcher Relay, Blindfolded Tent Setup, or the Fire-lighting race, you can expect to have a blast with us!


Camping merit badge scouts set up their own tents, Wilderness Survival merit badge scouts build their own shelters, and a great time is had by all.