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TMR’s Rifle and Shotgun Ranges are the home to our comprehensive, safe and fun Shooting Sports Program. Scouts have the chance to learn the skills and techniques involved in responsibly handling and using any of our firearms. The staff offers expert instruction in two merit badges and also offers a host of open programs for anyone who wants to participate in this thrilling activity!

Be advised, regulations require us to impose an age requirement of 12 years of age in order to shoot at the Range. Furthermore, due to risk of physical injury due to recoil, the Area or Program Director may impose a more advanced age requirement in order to shoot the Shotgun. This will be left up to the discretion of the camp staff. Please see the Director for more information!

Merit Badges

Rifle Shooting

Shotgun Shooting

Camp-wide Programs:

  • Open Shoot: Offered every day from 4:00 to 5:00pm, open shoot is a chance for all scouts, ages 12 and up, to get some time and practice with our rifles on the range. Merit badge students have a chance to continue their qualifying attempts and those Scouts who aren’t taking the merit badge can get some hands on experience and practice! Please Note: Due to the cost of ammunition and clay pigeons, we are unable to offer Open Shoot for the Shotgun most weeks.
  • Leader’s Shoot: Calling all Leaders! Come down and compete in our Leader’s competition! The winner will be presented a prize at their week’s Closing Campfire! Competition is always fierce and the rules are a little different from our other competitions. See the Area Director for details!
  • Camp-wide Games: It’s the best each Troop has to offer up against one another! Test your abilities as a marksman in our legendary shooting competition!