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Specialty Camps 2023

Week 1 Scuba Camp


Eagle Camp
(all weeks)

Week 2 Mechanic Camp
Week 3 Scuba Camp
Week 4 Theater Camp
Week 5 Wilderness Survival Experience

To register, look for these participant types during the weeks they are offered. (For example, the participant type Scuba Youth is only available Weeks 1 and 3.)

Second Week at Camp:

$150 per week discount!

Discount will be applied to youth that attend a specialty camp as an additional week of camp. This discount does not apply to Scuba Camp.

More Info:

Click each title below to expand and learn more.


Where Do Scouts Stay?
Scouts who want to attend a Specialty Camp the same week their unit is in camp may stay with their unit. (Except for the Wilderness Survival Experience, where scouts will be staying in a remote location).

Scouts who want to attend a specialty camp for a second week without their troop will stay with the Ramapos Adventure Troop, Keowa’s own troop for provisional scouts.

Is there a discount for a 2nd week?
Scouts who attend a second week for a Specialty Camp will receive a $150 discount! (Does not apply to Scuba Camp).

Can They Do Anything Else?
Specialty Camps are either fully immersive or selection based.

Fully immersive camps are full day programs and will fill all of a Scout’s time.
-Scuba Camp
-Wilderness Survival Experience

Selection based camps allow participants to choose from additional “unlocked” merit badges not available to traditional campers.
Scouts may choose some or all of the badges offered. They may also take traditional camp badges as well.
-Eagle Camp
-Mechanic Camp
-Theater Camp


Eagle Camp offers Scouts who are registered for this specialty camp merit badges not available to all campers and extra programs focused on the Trail to Eagle. Extra programs include the ability to participate in mock boards of review, an “After Eagle” seminar, and an Eagle Project workshop.
Badges offered: Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Personal Management, Emergency Preparedness, Family Life.

Support After Camp

Some Eagle Camp merit badges have prerequisites and cannot be completed at camp. After returning home from camp, when a Scout who participated in Eagle Camp completes a requirement, they can attach the required documentation and email it to Once we receive their requirements and conference with the Scout, we will issue them a “complete” for the badge, allowing the Scoutmaster to download their blue card from our online registration system. This will aid Scouts on their “Trail to Eagle” without having to find a qualified merit badge counselor in their area.


Both Scouts and adult leaders may enroll in Scuba Camp. Participants will earn an Open Water Dive Certification from Scuba Schools International. This certification enables participants to take the skills they learned at camp out into the open world! Additionally, Scouts who complete the week will also earn Scuba Merit Badge. The cost of this camp includes your very own mask, snorkel, and deep-water fins that are yours to keep.

Participants will start the week in the pool at Camp Aquehonga and eventually dive deep into Crystal Lake to explore the water’s unknown depths.


This life-changing opportunity will be challenging. It is not for the faint of heart! The Wilderness Survival Experience will host a small number of older Scouts or Venturers (age 14-20) to live in a primitive site for the week. They will be taught by a wilderness survival expert how to:
-make fire by bow drill
-how to transport fire
-track animals and how to set traps and snares (no actual hunting!)
-find/create fresh water
-identify local edible plants
-spear fishing and net casting
-other homesteading activities
-build incredible survival shelters and sleep in them
-camouflage staying hidden in the woods (surviving can include helping yourself be found and keeping yourself hidden)

Scouts will hike out to their primitive site on Sunday evening, taking only what they can carry on their back.
They will return as skilled survival experts on Friday evening- the closing campfire lighting depends on their ability to make fire by bow drill…


Scouts who participate in Mechanic Camp will leave with useful skills, knowledge of trades, and some amazing tips and tricks from our masterful and talented instructor.
Automotive Maintenance (2 hours)
Home Repairs (2 hours)


Scouts will be led by a talented actor (and former Keowa staff!) to explore the performing arts. They will create a short play and/or video, and unveil the big performance at the closing campfire or dining hall. Additional optional opportunities include improv workshops, creative writing opportunities, and a karaoke night!

Theater (2 hours)